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Sarcasm IS a Catholic virtue…

Satire and sarcasm are classic tools in the kit of commentators and apologists from Aquinas to Chesterton. And Jesus Himself was the paragon who set the standard for this approach to apologetics.I was recently called out in a Catholic group ( CatholicCT if anyone cares) for a sarcastic comment. It was deleted, the admin snarked…

Plan B is not a Plan for Catholics…or a Catholic University

A professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Saint Joseph, a college in the Archdiocese of Hartford and affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy, has publicly endorsed the plan to make Plan B available to children as young as 15 years old. The university, the Sisters of Mercy, and the Archdiocese have taken no action. In this article, the Citizen explains why endorsing Plan B is a renunciation of the Catholicity of this institution.

A Case for the Papacy

Catholic teaching is more nuanced than simply relying on Scripture; it is a three legged stool of Scripture, Traditions, and the Magisterium – or teaching authority – of the Church. With the buzz about the abdication of Pope Benedict, there is a buzz about the very legitimacy of the office of the Pope. The Citizen tackles this – and the failings of the heterodoxy of Protestantism – in this essay.