Which Thorn?

ist2_5236083-crown-of-thorns-xl During Mass on Holy Thursday, the Citizen remembered one of his earliest theological musings. Looking up at the crucified Christ while listening to the Gospel reading of His scourging, my attention was drawn to the crown of thorns.

“If Christ suffered for all of our sins,” I reasoned, “and I was born with original sin, then he had to suffer some because of me. So then – which thorn is mine?”

Which thorn is mine? It’s a good question to ask, not just during Holy Week but often. If Christ suffered for our sins, then he suffered because of you and me. Our sins, in deed, in word, in lack of action, all contributed to the tapestry of suffering inflicted on His body.  The blood he shed was expatiation for our flaws. The wounds he bore witness to our selfishness, our shortcomings, and – more importantly – of His love for us despite our failings.

So as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord, take a moment and look at the Cross. Ask yourself:

“Which thorn is mine?”

Wishing you all a Blessed and Holy Easter!

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