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Who Do You Serve, Senators?

The Senate defeated, 44-56, HR1, the bill that would have allowed the government to continue spending money. Part of  the continuing resolution (CR)  was an amendment that defunded Planned Parenthood. All Democratic senators voted against the CR and three Republicans sided with the nays. While one can argue that this was moot – Mr. Obama…

A lesson for Father McBrien

Professor McBrien, a Notre Dame instructor and priest, is yet another member of the liberal wing of ordained liberation theologists who are seeking to use Catholic magazines – and his status – to desperately shore up Obama’s falling house of cards.

Responsible Shepherds

West Virginia will be swearing in a new Senator – and the president announced that he will be pushing the Senate to pass the stalled unemployment benefits bill. While the Citizen is sympathetic to the economic needs of a large number of people who remain unemployed – despite (or rather because) of the massive ‘Stimulus’…

Obama’s Abortion Three Card Monte

Pro-abortion blocs in state and federal governments are floating out trial balloons trying to advance a pro-abortion agenda. Some of them are ploys and throw-away plays to lull the pro-life movement. We can’t afford to be fooled by the sleight of hand and keep our eyes on the ‘prize’.

Why the National ‘Catholic’ Reporter is anything but

The National Catholic Reporter is a ‘progressive’ Catholic newspaper – and indicative of the serious problems facing the American Catholic. The editor embraced the signing of the Obama health plan, proclaiming that ‘….Congress and its Catholics should say yes to health care reform.’ Certainly, Catholics should say ‘yes’ to reform. Reform that is consistent with…