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First Amendment Fight in Indiana

Greenwood High School has a long-standing tradition, one that used to be part of many school commencement ceremonies. They begin their graduation ceremony with a student-led prayer. In September, the Senior Class met and voted to continue this tradition. Now, one student seeks to overthrow the will of his fellow students.

Another Spin on ‘The Catholic Lever’

According to historical record, Archimedes once said ‘Give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world’. In a recent essay, the Citizen wrote about a Catholic lever in the voting booth. Before Mass, after prayer, it is my wont to sit back and let my mind roam free – God has a…

Student Prayer – Protected under the Constitution

A young lady graduating from UCLA taped her pre-commencement sentiments recently and was told by a Director of Student Affairs that her reference to Jesus Christ as her inspiration, Lord, and Savior was inappropriate for a public institution and would be deleted. I understand that this faculty member is a professor of biology, but I…