Wisdom from a Self Proclaimed Doctor of the Church


Last year, Nancy Pelosi used her deep understanding of Catholic doctrine to issue an authoritative opinion on the ongoing debate over ‘fetus animus’ and ‘fetus inanimus’ – that is to say, when life begins in the womb. Her only problem? Pope Pius settled this in 1869 when he proclaimed that it is Catholic doctrine that life begins at conception.

Today, she shared more of her dazzling ignorance when she proclaimed that today was the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker. It IS the Feast Day of Joseph – but not the right aspect being celebrated. In 1955, Pope Pius XII pronounced a Feast Day for St Joseph as a Patron of Workers every May 1st. This was a specific attempt to counteract the communist ‘workers’ holiday known as May Day. Oh, the irony of it….

I wouldn’t mind someone making this mistake if they weren’t so quick to claim that they have a deep understanding and knowledge of the principles and practices of the Catholic faith. One would think that she would have someone on her staff who actually knows something about the Catholicism– or at least knows how to use the internet to fact-check. Here is a good site.

By the way, Nancy. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Abortion is a violation of Catholic teaching and cannot be countenanced. While I am sure you are well-versed in this document which explains the teachings of the Church, I include the following link to the pertinent paragraph. Feel free to email me if you have any problems with the big words. Your 100% approval rating from NARAL raises some serious concerns on your suitability to claim you are a Catholic in communion with the Holy See.

When are the Bishops going to accept their pastoral duty and chastise these apostates who claim to be faithful sons and daughters of the Church? How much longer will we have to tolerate them using their ‘status’ as Catholics to sway opinions – and votes? Why do we have to suffer the vipers that nestle in the bosom of Holy Mother Church? How many more ignorant Catholics have to be deluded and led astray by these false prophets?

When, O’ when shall our deliverance come?

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