Why ‘Catholic’ is more than just a box to check

Nancy Pelosi – a staunch abortion-rights activist and …. ‘devout’ Catholic?

Joe Biden – also abortion supporter and ….. willing to shove his rosary beads down your throat if you question him?

Robert McElvaine – a professor of history who wants to impeach the Pope – and a Catholic?

Afraid so, people. It is unfortunate that such ‘educated’ people are so shockingly ignorant of the Magisterium and the Catechism. We are not like other churches. We don’t hire our pastors, nor do we fire them. We don’t elect our Bishops – or the Pope for that matter. Ours is a hierarchical church. We believe that God inspires men to take up the challenge of Priesthood. Some of those men advance in their office to higher levels of authority and service to our Church. As Catholics, we have faith that God will guide these men to make sound decisions. While there have been times when we have not always been well-served, the Church has thrived for two millennia – God’s hand corrects man’s mischief in time.

If you don’t like the Magisterium, why remain a member of the Catholic Church? There are several ‘splinter’ groups – all claiming to be Catholic. Politicians extol their Catholicism when it suits them, but they ignore the teachings of the Church. They take Communion while their actions clearly render them ineligible for the Sacrament. Why then do we continue to permit them to join in the Mystery of the Sacrifice of Mass? Why do their Bishops not perform their office by denying them – or in some cases, excommunicate them for their failure to comply with Doctrine?

I fear that there is a strong sentiment among priests and bishops to avoid being ‘judgmental’ or risk appearing to be non-inclusive. So they continue to cater to what I call the ‘buffet Catholics’ – they pick and choose the entrees on the Catholic menu that appeal to them and ignore the rest. So, we have pro-abortion Catholics that are strong advocates for illegal immigration. A perfect example of these ‘Catholics’ would be the ‘Catholics for Obama’ and the ‘Catholic Alliance.’ These are the most dangerous organizations. They are run by people who are either ignorant of the Catechism or they know it and are using their support for worthy issues to mask the sin of supporting abortion. A number of well-meaning Catholics are attracted to these organizations and they are then led into doctrinal error. I will not argue that illegal immigration, poverty, and health care are not important issues. I will not argue that Catholics should be concerned about these issues – we should be. Agreed. No argument, guys. But these organizations seem to think that abortion is just another issue to put on some sort of ‘Catholic Social Justice Balance Scales.’ It is not and cannot be. Gaudium et Spes clearly states that life begins at conception. Pope Pius IX clearly articulated the Church’s position on the old argument of ‘fetus animus’ and ‘fetus inanimus’ in 1869. This is the teaching of the Church. Those who fail to abide and obey these teachings are no longer in Communion with the Holy See. In short, organizations like the Catholics in Alliance, Catholics United and Catholics for Obama are essentially leading people into heresy. Too strong a word? Not really; heresy is defined as a “…Pertinacious adhesion to a doctrine contradictory to a point of faith.”

Well, we aren’t all-inclusive – the Catholic church has some non-negotiable beliefs that cannot be compromised. Those who fail to comply, need to be expelled if they are unrepentant. To do otherwise risks the souls of the priests and bishops as well as that of the transgressor. Perhaps excommunication may cause some of these ‘buffet’ Catholics to reconsider their practices, make a true and significant reconciliation, and return to us. The Father welcomed the prodigal son with joy and open arms. I would love to welcome a Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, or Robert McElvaine who have returned to the Magisterium. I would love to see our brothers and sisters from these splinter groups understand they are in error and return to the fold. But frankly, if they continue in their disobedience to church teachings, the perhaps our Bishops need to exercise their authority and excommunicate those who flout the Magisterium.

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