Who Do You Serve, Senators?

The Senate defeated, 44-56, HR1, the bill that would have allowed the government to continue spending money. Part of  the continuing resolution (CR)  was an amendment that defunded Planned Parenthood. All Democratic senators voted against the CR and three Republicans sided with the nays. While one can argue that this was moot – Mr. Obama had already stated that he would veto this CR because it cut Planned Parenthood’s funding – a line has been drawn on this debate. Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, and Rand Paul joined the pro-abortion camp with their vote on this issue – a decision that may haunt all three.

Kentucky is lukewarm at best in terms of supporting abortion, requiring waiting periods, parental notification, and limits on state aid for abortion. Three days ago (March 7, 2011), the Utah State House passed three laws advancing the cause of life in that state. One requires more frequent inspections of clinics, another provides stronger conscience clause protections for doctors and nurses, and the third allows insurance companies to ‘opt out’ of paying for abortion procedures. While these bills face challenges in the Senate, the victories indicate that Utah supports the pro-life cause. Finally, South Carolina has strong limits on abortion that are being scrutinized by a number of states interesting in curbing the excesses of Planned Parenthood and substandard clinics.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid joined the president with a staunch and absolute resolution to kill this CR.  When the Citizen thinks of Nevada and abortion, I recall Algis Martell. Martell was an abortionists in the mid-90’s who actually performed abortions on women who weren’t even pregnant – and charged handsomely for the procedures. Even today, Nevada abortion clinics enjoy very strong support from their state and federal legislators.

This leads to an important question. Do the interests of NARAL and Planned Parenthood outweigh the interests of the nation as a whole? The CR passed the House with a vote of 235 to 189. It funded to the government, and also restored the Mexico City policy, ended abortion funding in the District of Columbia, and cut funding the UNFPA (a UN agency that may have paid to support ‘one child family‘ abortions in China).  Adding amendments to spending bills is a tactic that the democratic party is adept at – their largesse in tacking earmarks on vital spending bills these past 4 years is legendary. At least Mr. Pence and the republican majority in the House didn’t pad their pockets with pork with their amendments.  Indeed, the terms of the amendment listed above are altruistic, representing the values of the authors of the amendment, those who voted in support of it – and more importantly – reflecting the values of their constituents. And isn’t that the ultimate responsibility of our legislators – to represent those who have entrusted them with their office?

Mr. Obama has strong ties with the abortion industry. In fact, he just added William Daley, a staunch supporter of abortion, and a so-called ‘pro-choice Catholic’ (there is no such thing, Mr. Daley) to his team as his new Chief of Staff. The Obamas invited Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, to the White House to celebrate International Women’s Day. And the list of former PP and NARAL employees who have positions in the Executive Branch is lengthy. Mr. Obama is perfectly content to allow the United States to suffer to support his pro-abortion position.

Harry Reid enjoys a 100% approval rating from NARAL – he too would rather serve the interests of the abortion industry. Why? Well, they surely helped get him re-elected. His ardent support of the PPACA and his opposition to the Hyde Amendment made him popular with the pro-abortion base in Nevada. Reid defeated the ardently pro-life Sharon Angle by some 6%; some of his victory due to his manipulation of the Hispanic vote, but a strong effort by Planned Parenthood helped tip the scales as well. Mr. Reid knows that he needs to keep his masters happy…even if the nation suffers.

In the end, the CR HR1 failed – and if Mr. Obama was to keep his promise – it was doomed to fail. It does provide the Catholic and pro-life voter some insight. We see who is willing to fight for the legislation that reflects the will of the majority of voters – who are prolife. We see that the amendments they add are not the self-serving pork barrel earmarks that have long been the hallmark of liberals. Three months ago, Reid defended nearly 10 billion dollars in earmarks in a lame duck spending bill. And now – when a bill that would have kept government services running for all Americans could have been passed – Mr. Reid and his democratic majority in the Senate decided that their pro-abortion special interest sponsors were more important.

I believe that the prolife movement helped change the face of state and national government lat November. I believe that in the next presidential election cycle, the lines will be drawn even more clearly. As a Catholic, I believe that abortion is wrong. I believe that my tax dollars should not support abortion or any organization that will use my money to perform abortions as part of their ‘services.’ We can support agencies and organizations that provide services to the needy without taking life. I believe that doctors and nurses should be able to exercise their conscience. I believe that if Planned Parenthood wants to perform abortions, they can raise money from private donors…just like Birthright, CareNet, and countless other agencies. Or – if abortion is so important to these doctors – they can waive their fees and perform abortions for free or out of their own pocket.

I believe that when it comes down to serving the needs of the nation and the needs of a special interest with a couple of billion dollars in the bank….it should be a ‘no-brainer.’

So, take a look at how your senators voted on this bill. Who did they serve with this vote?



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