The ‘People’s Broadcasting Service’

The Citizen remembers Sesame Street. The Electric Company. Zoom. And – can anyone forget Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Fred Rodgers, a minister, is likely weeping today. PBS – once the Public Broadcasting Service – has become something much different. It has become a network that might actually have tossed Fred Roger’s loafers on the curb. This week, PBS has decided to ban religious programming.

What does this mean? For shut-ins in Washington DC who can’t afford cable – it means that they don’t get Mass. WHUT will cancel Mass to comply with the PBS mandate to eliminate ‘religious’ and ‘sectarian’ media. It means that 76% of Americans who identify themselves as Christians will no longer have a voice on the network that was designed for the public. That’s 76% of taxpaying Americans, PBS. Congratulations – you have just marginalized 3/4 of the population of this great nation.

The source for their decision was a 1985 addition to their bylaws to provide content that is "noncommercial, nonpartisan and nonsectarian.” Curious that after 24 years, they have remembered the rules they wrote for themselves. Is this a sudden attack of responsibility to their bylaws? Or is it another sign of the marginalization of religion in America? After all, there is a move that is almost Marxist against religion in American government these past several months.

Most people have forgotten Speaker Pelosi’s unveiling of a Congressional museum and visitor center that proclaimed our national motto was ‘Out of Many, One.’ Oops. Sorry – it’s ‘In God We Trust.’ The curators have quietly plastered over their multicultural – and erroneous – national motto. Heaven only knows when they will repair their error. I wager that no stimulus money is headed to installing the correct motto.

“America is not a Christian nation.’ I guess the President isn’t aware of the numerous Christian statements made by the 43 previous occupants of the Oval Office.  Well, PBS is listening, Mr. President.

Socialists tried to win this country in the early decades of the 20th century. When they failed, the leaders of this humanist ‘revolution’ adopted a more strategic plan. Infiltrate and control education. Secularize public life. Inculcate the educated in secular humanism. Elect secular candidates. Create a cult of secular intelligentsia whose adherents will dominate media. From this pool of humanists, find, groom, and elect influential politicians. Barak Obama is a perfect example of 70 years of effort that began with John Dewey and Saul Alinsky.

While there are only three ‘sectarian’ stations – a Mormon station in Utah, and two Catholic-run PBS affiliates – the enforcement of a long-ignored bylaw is ominous. PBS is openly joining the fray against people of Faith in the United States. Most Americans will no longer have their perspectives, their beliefs, their viewpoints represented in a network of broadcasters that was founded to be the electronic voice of the people of the United States.

What to do? When PBS calls, don’t just tell them you won’t support them – tell them why. Call your Congressional delegation and demand that all public funding be denied them – or at least 76%. That would be fair. If PBS is to be a secular network, let secular Americans support them. Good luck.

PBS, with its 356 member stations, offers all Americans – from every walk of life – the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and online content.

All walks of life – unless the road you walk on is a religious one.  The Citizen has recently written several essays about the media assault on Faith. I even had to write a defense of my position. One of the signs that an essayist is getting his ‘finger on the pulse’ is when essays precede events. I really wish I was wrong in reading the trends this week…


God Bless.

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