Stupak your bags, We won’t Miss Ya

The Citizen had to move Bart Stupak from the Wall of Fame to the Wall of Shame. Perhaps we need to add the Wall of Irrelevant to the galleries.

Stupak announced that he will be retiring to ‘spend time’ with his family. Remarkably convenient how many politicians who have been making poor choices are suddenly rediscovering their family ties. Or is it simply that they realize that a servant can serve only one master  – and the Speaker of the House and President don’t elect Congress, the constituents do.  Stupak, a self-proclaimed advocate for life, swung his support to the President’s health care plan in return for an executive order….and a slew of earmarks for the Stupak coalition of holdouts. According to the Sunlight Foundation, Stupak requested more than 170 earmarks. More then half of the ‘gang of 11’ increased their demands for public money for their districts. It will be interesting to see if they get their billions of dollars.

The Citizen has to admit that Stupak and his cronies did all right. After all, Judas only got 30 pieces of silver for betraying the Lamb of God. The ‘holdouts’ stand to gain much, much more for their betrayal.

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