Sorry Joe, Catholic is as Catholic Does

Joe Biden, a man with a 100% approval rating from NARAL, a man who threatened to shove his rosary beads down the throats of people who criticized him, had the temerity to use Catholicity to reassure pro-lifers about the health insurance bill. In an interview, Biden asserted

“I’m confident even the bishops, once this bill is passed and see how it operates, are not going to have the concern any longer,”

Perhaps Mr. Biden forgot that during the 2008 campaign he was enjoined by Bishops to cease receiving Communion until his stance on abortion was consistent with Catholic teachings. Mr. Biden needs to read “The Discipline of Catholicism” before he attempts to speak as a lay Catholic. At best, Mr. Biden is being naive. At worse, he is appealing to the deluded, liberal, pro-choice ‘Catholics’ who are in doctrinal error.

As the vote-counting and hand-wringing continue, the Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to realize their agenda. It’s unfortunate that – once again – they choose to pervert the teachings of the Catholic Church to do so. It’s unfortunate that heretical Catholics  – like the Vice President – continue to speak as if they have some legitimacy in the eyes of the Church. It’s distressing that Mr. Biden’s Bishop has not excommunicated him.

One can only pray.


God Bless you all.

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