Some Truth about ‘Charity in Truth’

The Holy Father’s latest encyclical ‘Charity in Truth’ has been quite popular among the liberal humanists. From Kennedy Townsend to far too many prominent ‘Catholics’ in public life, the cry that this encyclical is an affirmation of the policies of Barak Obama is appalling. Catholics have been the driving force for charity throughout the world long before Mr. Obama attended his first community organizing event. Long before ACORN, American Catholics fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, clothed the naked, tended to the sick, and rendered aid to those in need. Pope Benedict’s ‘Charity in Truth’ is a call to all people to practice charity. It is not an endorsement of big government social welfare. It is not an indictment against the ‘haves’. It IS a challenge to those individuals who don’t actively practice Christian charity.

Charity is not a Liberal or Conservative practice. It is a Christian practice. If one wishes to be political about it, well then liberalism is contrary to the principles of Christian charity. Why? Under liberal – read socialist – governments, the institutions of public welfare are usurped by the state. The state becomes the generous source of all charity – and to support it, they tax those who have to give to those they choose. This takes choice out of the hands of individuals. As ‘social justice’ programs such as single-payer health care are subsidized by raising taxes significantly, that is less money I can spend to support the charities of my choice. I hardly think the government will apply my tax dollars to Catholic Charities or the local crisis pregnancy home.

It is certainly not the place of the Federal Government to enter into these functions mentioned by so many liberal socialist theologians. The Constitution hardly empowers a central government to do what is proposed. All powers not specifically ceded to the federal government remain in the hands of the sovereign states. Honestly, look at Social Security. Look at the Postal Service. Look at Amtrak. The government has killed these programs. Do you want to see the proposed ‘single-payer’ health care system in action right now? Take a look at the health care provided on American Indian reservations. Ask them how well the Federal government administers their health care. Now ask yourself how well will this government administer such a program to 400 million people?

Massachusetts made a lawful decision to enact state-sponsored universal health care. That is a constitutionally sound practice. If you want state-run health care, move to Massachusetts or work your state government.

The Holy Father wrote about the need for people – PEOPLE – to engage in acts of charity. He did indeed write about the obligation of those who have been blessed with prosperity to be generous to those who do not have such good fortune. How big-government ‘Cafeteria Catholics’ extract this encyclical as an endorsement of Obama-style socialism is yet another example at how schismatics are attempting to twist the Magisterium to fit their agenda.

As Catholics we should have one moral guidepost – and that is the Magisterium. The Catholic church is not a buffet – you can’t pick and choose what you want. These ‘Catholics’ who don’t understand what inimically evil means are examples of why the most pro-abortion president since Rowe V. Wade won the ‘Cafeteria Catholic’ vote. This is not a balance scale issue. And I am tired of hearing about the ‘one-trick’ issue foolishness. Abortion is that inimical evil that is Catholic doctrine. It cannot be countenanced. It cannot be supported. You cannot ignore a plank that endorses abortion no matter how worthy the rest of the platform may appear. Period. Hopefully, more Bishops are going to stand firm on this. I don’t mind a smaller Catholic church. I do mind one that is selling it’s soul for the sake of expediency.

Do not be swayed by those who proclaim that the ideals of Marx, Che, Fidel, and Obama have conquered the Catholic Church. Do not take this lightly. A primary goal of socialist governments is the destruction of the Church. The easiest way to destroy something is to weaken it from within and supplant it. you want and example? Look at what the liberal Catholics are helping the Obamanistas do to the Church in America.

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