Selling Abortion

This essay is the first in what – unfortunately – will be a series that address the rising tide of pro-abortion rhetoric that is being mounted by the Left.

Today, the Citizen read about a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. A group of Danish researchers concluded that women do not suffer psychological or emotional distress after an abortion. In fact, the study asserted that pregnancies carried to term are much more damaging.

For those who aren’t picking up on the message. Have an abortion – you’ll feel better than if you have your baby. Intentional or accidental, this is the implicit moral to this story. How much you want to wager that it is quite intentional?

The study is flawed. Why?

“We followed all women having abortions in Denmark from 1995 through 2007. Each woman having a first-time, first-trimester-induced abortion was followed individually from nine months before the procedure to 12 months after,” said Munk-Olsen, a postdoctoral fellow at the National Center for Register-Based Research at Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark.

Any therapist will tell you that emotional trauma rarely manifests for years. Traumatic events take months to begin to register as we process them. The study is really quite disingenuous. A more responsible – and valid – experiment would have been a longitudinal study of a sample of women in 1995 who would have been tracked for the next 13 years. By limiting their ‘study’ to one year after the abortion, the researchers presented skewed results. As a friend mentioned this evening “Statistics don’t lie – but statisticians often do.”

The Citizen has spoken to a number of women who have had abortions and suffered greatly from that choice. The standard bearer for Rowe v. Wade, the woman who brought the suit to the Supreme Court is now an ardent pro-life advocate. She openly speaks out against abortion, the pain she carries as a result of her choice. Rachel’s Vineyard, an organization that offers counseling and retreats for women suffering from long-term abortion trauma, reports that they have record numbers of women who seek them out. Silent No More, another organization that has collected evidence from thousands of women – and men – over the years, present dozens of stories illustrating the devastation of abortion.

The Danish article run contrary to another comprehensive experiment – a longitudinal study – conducted in Bucharest, a city in a nation where abortion has been legal and part of the social medicine system for some time. These are their results:

20% of women report their abortion as a non-event…expressing no problem

35% of women expressed some level of stress but didn’t meet PTSD diagnostic levels

45% of women qualified as experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most of the women fitting in the second and third categories reported feeling anxious, experiencing panic attacks, depression, or bouts of ‘remorse’ when they witnessed children engaged in certain activities who were the age of their child – if they had not aborted him or her. Silent No More, Rachel’s Vineyard, and women who are overcoming their abortions offering corroborating evidence.

In the United States, the abortion pendulum is swinging. More and more Americans believe that abortion is wrong and are speaking out. The  112th Congress has a record number of members – especially in the House – who are pro-life. Planned Parenthood and NARAL are losing sponsors and donations are dropping – and their customary large and generous grants from the Federal government are coming under intense scrutiny. This report is far from coincidental – it is a blatant attempt to sell that abortions need to be ‘safe, legal, and ….well, safe and legal.” (rare? Nor according to the actions of this administration).

To drive home the moral validity of their results, the Danish researchers claimed that post-partum depression was a greater health risk. Once again, a disingenuous claim. Post –partum depression is a natural physiological occurrence triggered by a woman’s body transitioning from a pregnant to a non-pregnant state. Some women have very little trouble with this adjustment, others experience significant issues. Of course, the report neglects to delve into this fact, preferring to build a case that an abortion is a better choice for a woman’s mental health that carrying her baby to term.

Welcome to a whole new low, brothers and sisters. When you can’t argue the truth, package enough lies, string them together, trump up some statistics garnered from a poorly designed – or purposely deceitful – survey, add a few PhDs and MDs to the article…and VOILA!

Another argument justifying the destruction of innocent life.

You don’t have to believe me. There are a growing number of women and men who regret their ‘choice’ to abort their child. More and more of them are rising above their hurt and their shame. Ask Norma McCorvey. She is candid in her regret. Who is she? Why she is ‘Jane Rowe’, the plaintiff in the seminal case Rowe v. Wade.

Over 50 million deaths have resulted from abortion. That should be traumatic for us all.

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