Anne Rice: A Return into the Darkness….

Anne Rice recently announced she was leaving the Catholic church. Curious, the Citizen did some reading and learned her reasons. According Anne, the Catholic Church was “anti-choice, anti-Democrat, anti-gay, and anti-woman.” For all her talk a few years ago, she really doesn’t seem to understand Catholicism.

Anti-choice? I think its safe to assume she is referring to abortion; this is what the pro-abortion crowd likes to call pro-life. You see, they hate using that positive term pro with life. After all, who in their right mind would be anti-life? You would have to be a vampire or person who made millions off vampire lifestyle….oh, waitaminute. That’s Anne Rice. Seriously, Catholic teaching is very clear. Life begins at conception, and the Catholic church has very strict guidelines about the acceptable taking of life. The life of an innocent – and who is more innocent than the unborn – is never justified. Anne should have known that – but there are unfortunately a number of pro-abortion ‘Catholics’ floating around, so perhaps it was easy to get lost in that deluded mass of lost sheep.

anti-Democrat? Really? That’s a stretch. I guess her rationale might be….wow. I don’t have any idea what it might be. It may be the abortion thing. Or perhaps because the Church has some issues with the Obama health plan – for it’s failure to include protections against euthanasia, rationed care, and abortion. There are a number of Catholic Democrats – some of them actually good, practical Catholics. Unfortunately, a number of the luminaries of the Catholic political world are pretty bad Catholics. Pelosi, Biden, Dodd, Patrick Kennedy, Rosa DeLauro….unfortunately all of these politicians have supported legislation contrary to the teachings of the Church. Other than this, the Citizen just don’t see this anti-Democrat foolishness.

Anti-gay? Because the Catholic church has strong opinions about sacramental marriage and it’s roots in the Book of Genesis? The Church has strong sympathy for the plight of homosexuals. It believes – correctly – that it is an unnatural condition, contrary to God’s will. Having said that, I know several homosexuals who are regular church attendees. If the Citizen may simplify a complex precept, the Church believes in ‘hate the sin, love the sinner.’ As long a homosexuals don’t act on their impulses, they are not denied the sacraments. And to be candid, a heterosexual couple that is unmarried and sexually active is also not in a state of grace and therefor not eligible for the Sacrament of Communion.

Anti-woman? Wow. Is she familiar with the role that Mary plays in our faith? Oh – is it because we don’t ordain women as priests? Likely. We don’t – and it’s not like we hide our reasons why. I am not going to explain it- go and google the Catechism and read it yourself. Another silly argument.

So Anne Rice came back and now she’s bailed out again? Gee – maybe she had that idea for her ‘Christ the Lord books ‘ for  a while and figured that this publicity stunt would be worth a dozen appearances on the View. Certainly, her reversion made front page news in secular and Catholic magazines and newspapers. Websites, television news, EWTN…her reversion story – accompanied by a healthy plug for her book – was great, free publicity. Honestly, how many good people of faith would have considered buying a work of religious fiction from the woman who brought us the vampire Lestat? But a book that inspired a prodigal daughter to return to Holy Mother Church? Just in time for Christmas shopping?  Conversely, how many of the goth-vamp crowd would be interested in a book about the life of Christ?

Yeah – publicity stunt sounds pretty good. And her torrent of infantile and ignorant bile is making front pages again. I would not be surprised if there isn’t another book coming out real soon now. Surprise! A look at her website has an announcement about an upcoming book called ‘Seraphim: A book of Good and Evil.’ Interesting. Doesn’t sound too Catholic, though.

Am I mad at her? Absolutely. Will I pray for her? Of course. But – frankly – I would rather see people like her out of our Church. The unity of faith is stronger than mere numbers.

Maybe she is fighting the evil that lies in us all. Catholic doctrine recognizes that evil is an active and powerful force in this world. Perhaps the Citizen is too cynical and she is fighting that war. Perhaps she is truly under attack. Many men and women of great faith – Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, Saint Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross….all relate struggling with their faith. All of them wrote of losing their faith and struggling to regain grace. This is one of  the wonderful things about the Catholic Church. Luke 17:4 states:

If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.”

The Church will be ready to forgive you and take you back. The Citizen will pray that you gain the wisdom to take advantage of that grace.

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