Pay no Attention to the Man behind the Curtain

Alexia Kelley, the Executive Director for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, has been appointed to the Obama administration. Her new job – Director of Health and Human Service’s Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. A conciliatory gesture by a president who has promised to reach out to all people? An earnest attempt to bring Catholics into his government? Hardly. Like the Wizard, the shabby truth is hidden behind a curtain of deceit.

Ms. Kelley endorsed the appointment of both of her new bosses  – Barak Obama and Kathleen Sibelius. This despite being the co-founder of a ‘Catholic’ political website and the co-author of “Voting for the Common Good: A Practical Guide for Conscientious Catholics.” This guide informed Catholic voters that

…we often must vote for candidates who may hold the ‘wrong’ Catholic positions on some issues in order to maximize the good our vote achieves in other areas.

This was the ‘no litmus test’ argument that a pro-abortion candidate needed to win the Catholic vote. Unfortunately, it worked, as Obama picked up a number of Catholic supporters in November. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) neglected the very clear injunctions about inimical and intrinsically evil practices…like abortion. Instead, the CACG informed Catholics readers that other social programs carry as much weight – abortion is OK if other social issues are addressed. There used to be a name for people like this – quislings.

Cardinal George addressed this approach to ‘cafeteria Catholicism’ in a September 2008 letter to the Archdiocese of Chicago. While he does not specifically address CACG, his message is clear.

This …teaching has been constantly reiterated in every place and time up to Vatican II, which condemned abortion as a “heinous crime.” This is true today and will be so tomorrow. Any other comments, by politicians, professors, pundits or the occasional priest, are erroneous and cannot be proposed in good faith.

In supporting a pro-abortion president, in supporting a pro-abortion Secretary of HHS, CACG and Alexia Kelley as it’s Executive Director ignored the teachings of Cardinal George. This is unfortunate as it has lead a number of  ill-informed Catholics into error.

The Great and Powerful Oz was revealed as a fraud. It is time that the Church become more assertive in addressing sites like CACG and Catholics United for what they truly are;  liberal humanist organizations using a cachet of Catholicism to advance an agenda contrary to the Magisterium.

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