McCarthyism – Obama Style

Pro-life advocates have been following the nuances of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi health ‘care’ package with anxiety.  And they should. The list of pro-abortion luminaries in the Obama administration is long – making this the most pro-abortion administration in the history of the United States. Several are not just pols with high NARAL approval ratings; some have built extensive resumes as militant abortion advocates. While many of our bishops are – finally – beginning to realize the nature of this administration and congressional leadership, a few do not. In ‘A Habit for Heresy’, the Citizen reported that an number of nuns support Obamacare. In an AP interview on Wednesday March 17th, retired Bishop John McCarthy joined the number of deluded – or disloyal – sons and daughters of the Church.

McCarthy asserted that while he was as ‘pro-life’ as ‘every other bishop’, he argued that Congress would guard against an expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion. He maintained that Obama’s bill represented the best hope to cover the uninsured in 40 years. The fact that this bill specifically omitted the Stupak amendment doesn’t concern him a bit. The fact that Pelosi refused to accept any language or guarantees to keep abortion from becoming a cornerstone of the bill is of no merit. He actually suggests that lawmakers will be able to ‘improve’ the legislation once it’s passed. While I can comment on this naiveté, Cardinal Francis George said it best:

“Assurances that the moral objections to the legislation can be met only after the bill is passed seemed little like asking us, in Midwestern parlance, to buy a pig in a poke.”

President Obama raced across the nation asking Americans to ‘trust’ him. More than half of Americans don’t want this plan – why can’t he trust us? More then half of Americans oppose abortions – why won’t Pelosi, Reid, and Obama trust the People and give us the protections we need to be comfortable with this bill? Why can’t he make a show of good faith?

Bishop McCarthy is emblematic of what is wrong with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in America. It is his responsibility to view all civic matters through the lens of informed Faith. As a bishop, one would hope that he is well-versed in theology. One would hope that he is cognizant of his responsibilities to use his position to support the views of the Church. Instead, by misplaced charity or malice, Bishop McCarthy sacrificed the teachings of the Church in the name of the gospel of ‘social justice.’ The church has been ‘pushing to cover the uninsured’ for quite some time. We have been treating the uninsured much longer then that. We cannot compromise the Magisterium for a ‘quick fix’ that might not even work.

I close with words from Bishop Chaput.

Do not be fooled.  Nothing has changed.  The Senate bill remains gravely flawed on the issues of abortion funding, conscience protections and the inclusion of immigrants.  Unless seriously revised to address these issues, the Senate version of health care is unethical and should be firmly opposed.


For shame, Bishop McCarthy. I will pray for you.

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