Ken Howell Update

It seems that the University of Illinois-Champlain Urbana had an epiphany. They restored Professor Howell’s position. Oh, wait, they actually read the letter they received from the Alliance Defense Fund informing them that the university violated Howell’s First Amendment rights. While doing the right thing is not fashionable, threat of litigation always seems to grease the wheels.

What lessons have we learned?

Threaten to sue. The secular left have used this tactic for decades. The Citizen is pleased that it seems to work for us as well.

Flood the ‘blogosphere’ and social networks. The day the story broke, the Citizen joined dozens if not hundreds of bloggers and essayists who condemned the university’s actions. Wrongdoers hate being exposed by the bright lights of¬†notoriety.

Write a letter. Then write another. Then ask all your friends to write. Bombarding the wrongdoer with a flood of emails and physical letters likely demonstrated to them that their actions were noticed. And disliked.

Fight. Catholics are not popular in many colleges. For that matter, we aren’t that popular in public education. When we stand up and fight, it’s amazing how quickly our adversaries back down. The Citizen often tells people that Catholics have the same rights to express our opinions and pursue our agenda in the public square as any other ‘special interest’ group.

Roll up them sleeves and swing.

Congratulations Professor Howell. Thank you for helping us push the tide of secular, liberal bigotry and intolerance back.

A question for all those Catholic for Obama and Social Justice fans – where were you when Catholic values and principles so clearly came under assault? Too busy justifying supporting the most pro-abortion¬†administration¬†in history? Too busy trying to twist the Magisterium to fight your ‘liberation theology’? Too busy to stand and fight for a practical Catholic?

Of course you were.

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