Abstinence–the Choice of a New Generation

Condoms have been a staple in public high schools – and, increasingly, in middle schools – for some time now. Health class – a staple of school – usually includes at least one unit of instruction on how to properly use prophylactics. The curriculum includes comprehensive instruction in different methods of birth control, how to identify sexually transmitted diseases, and – in an alarming number of schools – frank discussions on sexual activity. Children as young as elementary school age are exposed to books that introduce them to masturbation, sexual acts, and pictures of sex organs. In this comprehensive treatment of all things sexual there is one glaring exception – abstinence.

Abstinence is choosing not to engage in sexual activity. Because of it’s very nature, abstinence is 100% effective against unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Despite it’s obvious health benefits – especially in children and young adults – it is reviled by most ‘professionals’ as impractical. Why? Because children can’t be taught self-control? Or is the motive more sinister and selfish?

Many advocates of what is called ‘comprehensive’ sex education are the products of the ‘me generation’ – that group of people who are late-coming baby boomers and their immediate offspring. In short, my generation. We tend to be fairly self-centered, narcissistic, engaging in socially conscious activities only if they are trendy, non-judgmental, and require little effort or personal expense. Walk-a-thons are ideal; you have fun, get a little exercise with like-minded socially progressive people, they tend to cost little out of your pocket as you hit up friends and co-workers, and they are over in a few hours. Government programs are great – only about half of Americans end up paying for them anyways, and your tax money has to go somewhere, right?  Taking the easy way out is the mantra of this generation – and it’s destroying our children.

Because we believe that anything should go, we assume that it is acceptable to teach 3rd graders about masturbation and homosexuality. A book called ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’ has been advertised to schools for several years now. I provide a link here but I warn you that these pages contain very disturbing material. With children as young as 8 or 9 being exposed to this type of material, is it any wonder that so many engage in sexual activity? We provide pictures, we encourage children to ‘explore’, and we actually provide them with items that we tell them will prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This is like putting a bottle of vodka in front of an alcoholic and telling him to use restraint. Good luck.

The medical journal Contraception reported on a study performed in Spain. According to the research, from 1997 to 2007, “the overall use of contraceptive methods increased from 49.1 percent to 79.9 percent.” In that same timeframe, the elective abortion rate increased from 5.52 to 11.49 per 1000 women.

George Mason University researchers studied STDs over four decades and found a ‘verifiable’ link between subsidized sex ed, subsidized contraception, abortions, and STDs.

For organizations like Planned Parenthood, comprehensive sex ed is good for business. Abstinence is nowhere near as profitable. But abstinence doesn’t work! No kid except the religious nutjobs are going to really abstain – right? No, wrong, actually.

Efficacy of a Theory-Based Abstinence-Only Intervention Over 24 Months” was a study that demonstrates that abstinence can be an effective method. Two years after instruction, children who participated in an abstinence only curriculum were 1/3 less likely to have sex then the students who participated in the ‘comprehensive’ curriculum described earlier. The Heritage Foundation issued a report where they illustrate that twelve out of sixteen abstinence programs reported statistically significant results. Finally, a graphic created from data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control demonstrates something that the progressive educator would find unbelievable….significantly greater percentages of teens and young adults are abstaining.


The Citizen is a veteran teacher. Young people actually want structure, they want boundaries. Comprehensive sex education sends them a message that sex is socially acceptable – in fact, the easy access to contraception, STD screening, and other ‘services’ seem to encourage children to indulge in reckless behavior. Besides, when that condom fails, there’s always abortion.

There are no problems that can’t be fixed by a quick visit to Planned Parenthood.

Except a child’s innocence. Planned Parenthood and ‘comprehensive’ sex education can’t give that back, can it?

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