A “Fallen Angel” touts PETA’s lies…

We live in a society where we are expected to be tolerant and respectful of everyone…except Christians. We are fair game. PETA proved this once again with their latest ‘advertisement’ featuring a naked woman with wings and a halo, a crucifix held in front of her. Ms. Krupa, the model, argued that she was acting appropriately.

It’s understandable that the Catholic League is wary of another sex scandal, but the sex we’re talking about pertains to dogs and cats. As a practicing Catholic, I am shocked that the Catholic League is speaking out against my PETA ads, which I am very proud of. I’m doing what the Catholic Church should be doing, working to stop senseless suffering of animals, the most defenseless of God’s creation. I am a voice for innocent animals who are being neglected and dumped by the millions at shelters. In my heart I know that Jesus would never condone the suffering that results when dogs and cats are allowed to breed.

With all respect, Ms. Krupa, posing naked with a crucifix covering your breasts and genitals is hardly something the Church would approve. This is nothing more than another in a long line of ads that PETA throws out for the shock value, a tactic that generates media buzz. Releasing this ad during Advent strikes me as particularly offensive and disrespectful to Christians preparing for the Coming of the Lord. The secularists will chuckle and chide us for our discontent, blind to the fact that PETA’s ad is intolerant and disrespectful to a significant segment of the American people. But – that’s OK – we’re only Christians.  The Citizen also notes your snide dig – ‘another sex scandal’. What are you referring to, Ms. Krupa? As a practicing Catholic, I am not in the habit of making mocking references to the priest abuse scandal. But this allows you to deflect your sin by implicating the Church.

Perhaps Ms. Krupa should read about some of PETA’s activities. Only a few years ago, PETA took over 1,000 dogs and cats from area ‘no-kill’ shelters…and killed most of them. That’s a lot of angels, Joanna – all courtesy of PETA.

Hertford County courthouse records indicate that employees of animal-rights group PETA, Andrew Benjamin Cook, 24, of Virginia Beach, Va., and Adria Joy Hinkle, 27, of Norfolk, Va., each were charged with over 30 felony counts of animal cruelty and nine misdemeanor counts of illegal disposal of dead animals after law enforcement officers in Ahoskie found 18 dead dogs and cats in a shopping center garbage bin and 13 dead animals in a van registered to PETA. Both Cook and Hinkle, who were working for PETA’s Community Animal Project, were later charged with second degree trespassing as well.

The PETA employees got off fairly easy – fines, community service, and no jail time. I am confused how throwing animals you killed into a dumpster – someone else’s dumpster – is ethical. Their idea of ethical must be different then mine. But I have to admit  that those are animals that weren’t ‘allowed to breed.’ I am not sure that this is a program that you were referring to with your statement. I understand your rationale for this ad was to promote adoption of pets instead of purchasing them from ‘puppy mills.’ I am afraid that PETA misled you. This case in Hertford County is clear evidence that PETA’s record of promoting adoption is far from stellar. And their pursuit for the dollar and noteriety far outweighs compassion towards neglected and needy animals.

Part of being a ‘practicing Catholic’ is understanding that your activities need to be consistent with Catholic values. PETA’s unethical and cruel practices aside, I find it difficult to believe that your informed Catholic conscience would consider posing naked with a crucifix was consistent with Christ’s teachings. A previous ad features you with a rosary. I won’t presume to speak for the Blessed Mother, but my informed conscience tells me that this is not a respectful use of the rosary.  Saint Francis, the patron of animals, is said to have stripped naked as a sign of dedication to a life of poverty. As much as the Citizen would like to attribute your modeling to be inspired by Saint Francis, I fear that this analogy between a naked model and the patron saint of animals is a little thin. I certainly don’t think he would use the Cross as a prop.

PETA has a long history of being disrespectful, preferring to use shock over reason in their arguments. They are the archetypical secular humanist organization, delighting in their witty campaigns that promote their cause, inspire their supporters – many who are also bigoted against religion, and degrade the values of people who have done them no harm. But as Catholics are the whipping boys of the Left, their hate crime is protected speech. It is unfortunate that they dragged a ‘practicing Catholic’ such as yourself into their campaign against our Church.


I shall pray for you Joanna.

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