Get it Right, Sister Baird

The Director of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Racial Justice needs to buy a dictionary. Or a copy of the Catholic Catechism. Or perhaps she really needs a clue. What is the issue? The director of the office, with the approval of Cardinal Francis George,  is planning on presenting an award to the infamous Michael Pfleger, a priest of the Chicago Archdiocese who has been outspoken in his unwavering support for Barak Obama, a president who has opened the West Wing to Planned Parenthood. As a candidate, Obama was clear on his position towards abortion, and the support of ‘priests’ like Pfleger led many Catholics to believe that this was an issue that could be debated.Sister Anita Baird, as a Religious, should be familiar with the Magisterium. But a sin of omission or a sin of commission remains a sin. What was hers? In a LifeSite News interview, she expressed her justification for supporting Obama as follows:

“the president is not pro-abortion, the president is pro-choice. I think they are two very different things.”

This is either an incredible act of faulty logic, a sign of significant cognitive impairment, or a deliberate attempt to balance the issue of abortion against social justice issues. The Citizen is prone to believe that the last argument is most likely. Liberal religious people like to pretend that there is a difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion. It allows them to ignore that they are forsaking a core tenet of their faith to support causes that have merit to them. A word-game to cover up the fact that they are supporting politicians and practices that result in thousands of deaths every day in the United States. But politicians like Obama support issues like welfare reform, health care, immigration reform, and a host of other social issues that are attractive to so many Christians. Unfortunately, these ‘progressive’ Christians have forgotten that Christ wants us as individuals to help those in need, not to relegate the care of the needy to an impersonal government…but that’s another story.

Baird recently made a statement to ‘clarify’ her position on the meaning of pro-life and pro-abortion. She recognized that the ‘choice’ to be made was whether or not to murder a child in the womb. If you are Catholic, you must adhere to the teachings of the Church on life. Life begins at conception. It’s doctrine, and as much as some would like to ignore this, it remains doctrine.  She concludes her statement with an apology towards ‘…those who were scandalized by my statement.’

I should hope so, Sister Baird. If the Office of Racial Justice were truly interested in doing the right thing, they would withdraw this ‘award’ for Pfleger.  Rather, she tried to redefine the semantics of the pro-abortion interest groups and – like many liberation theology adherents – attempted to raise Barak Obama above the conflict. nothing can be further from the truth. Since taking office, Obama has recruited a ‘who’s who’ of the pro-abortion world to serve in his administration. This is the most pro-abortion administration in the history of this nation. Obama has made his position very clear – and it’s a position that Baird, Pfleger, Jenkins, and a slew of other pro-Obama religious should be fighting. Instead, the culture of death is supported in the very bosom of the Church.

Your ‘misstatement’ is the least of your offenses, Sister Baird. But the wonderful thing about life is that is never to late to make amends. Did you make your retraction because of pressure or because of a contrite heart? If the latter, Michael Pfleger’s award will go to a more worthy recipient. The Citizen is sure someone in the greater Chicago area has done as much if not more for justice for all.

And that includes the Unborn.

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