The Audacity of ….well, let’s just keep it at that, shall we?

Today, the White House issued a tweet that provided the observant reader a couple of very troubling insights into this administration. I present the tweet – quickly (but not quickly enough) deleted for the consideration of the reader….

White House celebrates Mother's Day with an abortion pitch - savor the irony

How is this disturbing? How is it not? Let the Citizen elaborate….

It is a given that in this media rich environment, everything is politicized and this administration never passes an opportunity to bludgeon the public with it’s ‘successes’. Especially those  – like the ACA – that is failing miserably.  This tweet is touting the ACA as a law that has enriched the lives of  mothers – by providing birth control. This phrase is telling:

“…access to preventive care – like birth control…” is telling. What else is preventive care? According to Mr. Obama, abortion is preventive care. His budget included funding for abortions for Peace Corps members, immigration detainees, prison inmates, and military personnel – as well as support specifically targeted for Planned Parenthood.  For Mr. Obama, preventive health care is obviously abortion.

The ACA is designed to support abortion, using a shell game approach. With the exception of the 15 or so opt-out states, all states are required to create exchanges. The ACA requires two accounts – one that includes abortions and one that includes everything else. All federal dollars must go into the fund that does not permit spending on abortions (save those covered under the Hyde Act). How do abortion procedures get funded? Every individual in that state will be contributing some of their premiums into the account that pays for abortion on demand. In reality, this is a case of the government claiming their hands are clean and forcing you to pay for abortions. To be fair, these exchanges should be set up so I can buy into a plan where NONE of my money goes to fund abortions – but that would likely cause a problem when the abortion plans run dry. And they would.

This is the same shell game the government plays when they claim that Planned Parenthood grants don’t go to paying for abortions. Sure, that may be technically true, but they pay for a lot of other things, freeing up dollars to pay for abortions. My local Birthright agency relies wholly on the generosity of supporters – if PP is such a vital part of the lives of Americans, why not allow the citizen to fund it without infusions from the federal government?

The final striking irony is a quote that Mr. Obama proudly and loudly proclaimed at a campaign stop touting Planned Parenthood.

I have two precious daughters – they are miracles… Look, I got two daughters – 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.

To this day, I am sure he does not understand how hypocritical his statement truly is when one applies a modicum of reason. Yes, his daughters are miracles – all children are. I am gratified he tries to instill morals in his children – again, this is the job of a father or mother. We part ways when he calls a child a mistake or punishment. Having casual sex is a mistake. One night stands are mistakes. The child – or to use his own words – that miracle – growing in a woman’s womb is not the mistake.

To tout a practice that inhibits the state of motherhood is the height of hubris. It is evidence of the thread of narcissism and entitlement that permeates this president and his administration.


Happy Mother’s Day for all women. And to those who have endured abortion and feel pain, I recommend Rachel’s Vineyard. They will help you find peace and the grace to accept that choice.


May God bless you all – especially Mothers.



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