Responsible Shepherds

West Virginia will be swearing in a new Senator – and the president announced that he will be pushing the Senate to pass the stalled unemployment benefits bill. While the Citizen is sympathetic to the economic needs of a large number of people who remain unemployed – despite (or rather because) of the massive ‘Stimulus’ plan, this bill has one catastrophic flaw.

The Democratic leadership offer absolutely no means to pay for it.

Republican members of the Senate claim they oppose the bill because the leadership has not found funding for the $33 billion price tag. Most Republicans claim they support unemployment benefits – but they want the leadership to find an offset in the federal budget to pay for them.

This is responsible stewardship of the money the taxpayers have entrusted Congress with – they should be more mindful of how they spend our money.

The Citizen isn’t sure about your household, but when unexpected expenses arises in our household, we find out where we have to cut expenses to cover the new expenditure. Unlike Congress, most households are all too aware that our resources are finite.

The Citizen is not advocating against benefits for those in need – that is inhumane. But Congress needs to be a better steward of the people’s money. Nancy Pelosi sponsored or co-sponsored some $75,000,000 in earmarks this year alone.  Harry Reid sponsored or co-sponsored some $267,000,000 in earmarks this year. Congress has refused to submit a budget, using a parliamentary trick called ‘deem and pass’ to hide the fact that the spending of this leadership and administration is unsustainable.

On February 12th, president Obama signed the ‘pay-go’ bill. This bill required Congress to pay for spending with money they had in their ‘pocket’ and not borrow against potential future ‘earnings’.

Nancy Pelosi made this promise:

[Democrats] are committed to auditing the books and subjecting every facet of federal spending to tough budget discipline and accountability, forcing the new Congress to choose a new direction and the right priorities for all Americans.”

Barack Obama promised to cut earmarks and ‘restore accountability’ in federal government.

“Barack Obama is committed to returning earmarks to less than $7.8 billion a year, the level they were at before 1994.”                   – The Change We Need in Washington

Another broken promise. Another sign that this administration and this congressional leadership is willing to spend the wealth of the next generation to support their addiction to power and position.

Instead of passing unemployment bill extensions ad infinitum, the leadership might want to consider what they need to do to restore confidence in the American economy.

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