Quit Whining and Vote the Bums OUT!

On a regular basis, the Citizen is deluged with email blasts – ‘Call or write your Senator about abortion!” “We need to call them NOW!”

The Citizen lives in Connecticut. Chris Dodd, Joseph Liebermann, and Joe Courtney are his duly elected representatives. Courtney and Dodd enjoy high ratings from NARAL and openly and ardently support abortion. It is disconcerting that both of these men openly proclaim themselves as Catholics – Courtney is often seen taking Communion in the 2nd district. Lieberman’s approval rating hovers around the 70% mark, so even he is not a friend of the pro-life movement.  Yet whenever a vote comes up that involves abortion, someone will start the chain emails. All of a sudden, the people demand action. So we send our emails, make our phone calls, and get to feel smug and righteous because we struck a blow for life. Nonsense. You struck a blow for nothing.

Chris Dodd has been openly and actively pro-abortion since he entered the political arena. He’s not running for re-election – what pro-life candidates are running for his soon to be vacant seat? Blumenthal? He has no stance. None. This is never encouraging news. McMahon? She’s made some vague comments, leaning towards pro-abortion, but nothing conclusive. Simmonds – and don’t count him out – is strongly for abortion. A pro-life candidate? Sorry. Not this year.

Courtney has not hidden his support of abortion either. He’s another Catholic politician who doesn’t understand the Magisterium. Janet Peckinpaugh is pro-abortion. The Citizen leans heavily towards Daria Novak – she is a good Catholic candidate with a platform that reflects strong Catholic values. Matt Daly is another strong Catholic candidate. There are alternatives to Courtney and Peckingpaugh – if Catholics are sending out email rants over our Representative a year from now,  the Citizen will be vexed. We had two strong candidates and we failed to get them elected.

The important thing to remember about the current crop of our representatives is this: They are not going to care what you say because they keep getting elected. Let me repeat that with more emphasis:


If the pro-life movement was serious about fighting, they would put their effort into something that actually made a difference. The pro-life movement needs to identify, train, support, and groom men and women to serve as members of our state and national legislatures. We need to create and elect our own candidates. Chris Dodd doesn’t care about the outraged phone calls. Courtney doesn’t care. The only time they care about you is when you step into the booth. If we want pro-life legislators, we have to find them and get them elected.

There is a crowded field developing for the 2010 races. If you are serious about changing the politics of abortion in the state and national arena, find the politicans who are pro-life and do everything you can to get them elected. Those are the important emails to send. Those are the important phone calls to make. Those are the important dollars to contribute. People will send dozens of emails on this vote and that vote – despite the futility of the effort – yet we can’t seem to organize to support pro-life candidates.

We need to start picking our fights more intelligently. We need to organize and hit the bricks to elect our people. We need to elect them and keep them in office. Only then will the phone calls on legislation be significant. Those will be the politicians who know that the power base that elected them can remove them. Dodd, Lieberman, Courtney, DeLauro….they don’t care. The pro-life movement is not a power base; it’s nothing more then a nuisance to them.

You want to do some good? Start organizing for 2010. If you are serious, email the Citizen. I will help you create your own local grassroots Political Action Committee.

In Luke  17, Christ told us “If you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and be planted in the sea’; and it would obey you.” If we had faith that we could elect our own, we would. If we showed ‘Catholics’ like Courtney and DeLauro the price of forsaking our Catholic values is their office, our voices would be heard. If we organized, we would be mighty.

It’s time to stop braying in the wilderness. It’s time to stop sending out emails whining and crying about how unfair these politicians are – again. The Citizen is frankly tired of hearing it. It’s time to shake the walls of Jericho. That takes a loud trumpet and a lot of voices. Care to join me?

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