Intrinsic Evil 101 – the Lesson Mr. Obama does NOT want you to learn…

I have noticed a lot of Catholics – including some I know – who ‘like’ Obama for America’ or post pro-Obama links on Facebook and other social media. I don’t get it. The Citizen has discussed these issues before, but a brief reminder might be in order.

Intrinsic evil’ is a term used in the Catechism of the Catholic Church to describe actions or support of those who take actions that are  absolutely unacceptable to the Catholic Church and all those who would remain in communion with it.  Among these actions is the support of abortion or supporting candidates who advocate for abortion. This doctrine certainly precludes supporting Mr. Obama

“But Mr. Obama supports many worthy issues – like immigration reform, healthcare, and welfare!” We can argue about how much these programs are designed to help people in need or how much they are funded in the hopes of bolstering a sagging voter base, but even if Mr. Obama has acted out of pure altruism these past 4 years, his aggressive pro-abortion policies negate the other acts that have positive Christian overtones.You see, despite what George Soros funded groups like Catholics for Obama would like you to believe, social justice issues cannot be weighed against each other like commodities on a balance scale. They claim that this is the case. It is not. Abortion is an inimical evil. Period. You cannot negotiate on this issue.Well, what about Nick Cafardi’s recent post that tries to justify Mr. Obama as more pro-life than Mr. Romney with this ‘telling’ statement?
“Obama’s Affordable Care Act does not pay for abortions. In Massachusetts, Romney’s health care law does.”
Oops. Sorry. Actually the PPACA DOES pay for abortions. Massachusetts pro-life organizations responded with this:
“[the] blame lies solely on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court who ruled in 1981 that the Massachusetts Constitution required payment for abortions for Medicaid-eligible women. In 1997, the Court reaffirmed its position that a state-subsidized plan must offer ‘medically necessary abortions.”
So, the court expanded abortion using this loophole. Mr. Romney had nothing to do with it. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, while a state senator, voted three times against a bill that would protect the life of a baby who survived a partial birth abortion.Mr. Obama cannot be a viable candidate for a Catholic on that instance alone.

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