A Prayer for Our Nation

As we approach the Fourth of July, one of the most significant holidays in the United States, the Citizen would like to share a prayer I  composed for a lecture on Citizenship last Fall. I decided that this was an appropriate moment to share this prayer with you all.

Lord, in your Infinite Wisdom, you have inspired men and women to forge this great nation. If ever a state was founded upon the principles of the Bible, it is truly the United States. No other nation has given it’s people the power – and the privilege – to effect and influence the lives of so many. Please help us to be aware of the gift and the responsibilities that this power grants us all.  We beseech You to stretch Your hand over those serving our nation, our soldiers and our leaders.  Fill them with Your Presence that they may see what is Right.

O Jesus, You gathered men and women to do Your work for the time when You returned to the Father in Heaven.  Grant us the wisdom and the courage to be Your disciples, the strength to work Your will in exercising our civic duties.

Blessed Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Patron of this nation, please fill our hearts with love and reverence. Please intercede for us, that we may be enkindled by the Holy Spirit with the grace to know what is right and the conviction to ensure that God’s will be done.

For Your Many Blessings, we thank You, O Lord. For Your Glory, not ours, let us go forth.

We ask these things through the Lord Jesus Christ and our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.


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