Theological Musings

A Case for the Papacy

Catholic teaching is more nuanced than simply relying on Scripture; it is a three legged stool of Scripture, Traditions, and the Magisterium – or teaching authority – of the Church. With the buzz about the abdication of Pope Benedict, there is a buzz about the very legitimacy of the office of the Pope. The Citizen tackles this – and the failings of the heterodoxy of Protestantism – in this essay.

The Word from the Womb

Today’s Gospel is one I’ve always enjoyed hearing – it gives me a taste of the sheer joy that is Christmas for Christians. ¬†Today, it served a different purpose. ¬†For some time, the Citizen has been concerned about a schism not only among Catholics but Christians as a whole – and that great divide is…

Just War – A Catholic Theory

The United States is waging two active wars, a third global war against global terrorism, and we have assumed the lead in a massive air campaign in Libya. As Catholics, what are we to think of war? Isn’t violence always wrong? Shouldn’t we be ‘turning the other cheek’?
Not always – St. Thomas Aquinas gave us some tools to help us determine the right and wrong of force.

“Why do you wership Maary?”….A Response

First and foremost, the Citizen wishes to apologize for the spelling in the title. It was an attempt to recapture that drawl of the fundamentalist who has been indoctrinated to think of Catholicism as a cult. The nuances of that phrase has stuck with me for better than two decades. With the news of the…