The Cost of Doing Nothing…

The Citizen and his bride were driving to Boston the other day when we heard a commentator share a quote from Edmund Burke.  For those unfamiliar with the gentleman, he was an Irish political theorist, statesman, essayist, orator, and philosopher who lived in the 18th century. As a member of the House of Commons, his activities and work as a member of the Whig party has earned him the accolade of the ‘Father of Modern Conservatism.’ A man possessed of exceptional insight and wisdom, he penned many memorable quotes. Among them was this piece of sage advice:

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

Actually, the quote that was used is one that has never been attributed to Burke, but is often quoted. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”, while cogent, was likely never uttered by Burke.  The Citizen may be accused of splitting hairs, but I actually prefer the verifiable quote from Thoughts of the Cause of Present Discontents.

Socialism has long plotted to overthrow this nation, to replace the majesty of a republic of states united by common principles under the Constitution with a centrist, totalitarian, ‘Big Brother’ state…and they are succeeding. Why? Not because they are the majority of Americans. Because they have ‘combined’. Look at this new Democratic Party. What exactly do they stand for? Nothing. Every secular, liberal, or fringe group has flocked to the banner of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. These leaders, the product of such manifestos as the “Rules for Radicals” have enticed and polarized the ‘proletariat’ of modern day America with false promises of power and a new day of prosperity for the ‘oppressed’ and the fall of the ‘elite’. And we have done – nothing.

People need to begin ‘associating’ to resist the political and cultural tides that threaten to overwhelm this nation. The Tea Parties are a good start, and the Citizen is pleased to see that the movement will continue. The ‘blogosphere’ is becoming a 21st century version of the colonial ‘Committees of Correspondences’ – a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and arguments that inspire us all to stand against the tyranny of bad men.  This too is a good start. But we must do more, for the enemies of liberty are seeking to split us into fragments, to isolate us, to break us.

Look at the example of Barak Obama at Notre Dame. It broke the Citizen’s heart to see students – many of them Catholics – cheering this president as he took a major step at asserting himself as some sort of Primate of America, a High Priest of American Humanism.  That’s why ‘Father’ Jenkins invited him. And that’s why he accepted. He capitalized on the Catholic schism that helped elect him this past Fall. By keeping us divided, it is that much easier to destroy us, one by one, piece by piece. If we don’t band together, elect our own candidates, exert our own power, and win back this nation, we too shall fall ‘one, by one, an unpitied sacrifice.’

Mr. Burke was a genius, looking at the chaos and iniquities of his time and acting against them. He constantly fought for justice, liberty, and responsible government. He fought against the Penal Codes enacted against Catholics, the abuses of the East India Company, government corruption, and the chaos of the French Revolution.  He believed that the colonial possession of Great Britain were a ‘trust’ that had one objective – to prepare their colonies for freedom. Winston Churchill wrote a wonderful piece on Burke in “Consistency of Politics”

His soul revolted against tyranny, whether it appeared in the aspect of a domineering Monarch and a corrupt Court and Parliamentary system, or whether, mouthing the watch-words of a non-existent liberty, it towered up against him in the dictation of a brutal mob and wicked sect…

Sound familiar?  Our ‘leaders’ mouth such platitudes daily. The administration and the leaders of the ‘New Democratic’ run Congress speak of ‘bi-partisanship’ while ramming their agenda through without mercy.  Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have actually gone so far as to tell us they can do whatever they want because ‘We won.’ The threat to liberty was real in Burke’s time – and equally real today.  So, Brothers and Sisters – the time has come. Shall we stand against tyranny now or shall we fall – quietly – one by one by one?

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