The Catholic citizen has a long – and sometimes painful – history in these United States. Since the first settlements in Maryland to the new waves of Catholics living in America, Catholics have been a vital part of this nation. We have helped forge and refine our democracy. We have served in times of war and peace. We have fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, tended to the sick of body and mind. And we continue to do so today.

Roman Catholics make up a significant demographic in the United States, but our numbers are rarely reflected in the business of the nation.

I have started The Catholic Citizen to help Catholics – and those who seek some moral compass in politics and society – a place to learn about issues, the tenets of our faith, and how to apply the magisterium and moral reasoning to the politics, problems, and controversies of the day. I also hope that this site may provide a resource that will help Catholics re-connect …or perhaps, connect – with applying their faith to their public life. Equally important to me are the lapsed Catholic, the atheist, the agnostic, those who share some of the beliefs I discuss here and those who do not.

Terms of Use:

This is my house. I welcome respectful disagreement, but I will not tolerate discourtesy or offensive language. I am Catholic; I cannot understand how a person can think that insulting my Faith, the Vatican, or lay and religious members of the Catholic Church is acceptable.

If you don’t like my terms, get your own site.