Obama’s Abortion Three Card Monte

The Patient Care Act was passed without the inclusion of a Hyde Amendment – a protection that exists to keep federal tax dollars to be allocated to pay for abortion on demand. Bart Stupak and a group of politicians sold their votes for the promise of an executive order that promised to provide the same protections. While patently untrue, the Department for Health and Human Services has decreed that abortion will be available only in cases of rape, incest, and to ‘preserve the life of the mother’. All of these are exceptions that have generally been supported by federal law. While the Citizen will argue even this federal policy is flawed, the government has ensured that our tax dollars will not be spent on abortion on demand.

Pennsylvania came under the gun last week over their high-risk plan – perhaps unfairly, as Pennsylvania law models existing federal laws concerning abortion. Despite this, pro-life advocates were quick to move against this plan. Why? The answer lies in observing any street corner three-card Monte game. This administration has demonstrated that it is willing to engage in distraction, sleight of hand, and half-truths to achieve it’s agenda. With a powerful pro-abortion lobby breathing down Obama’s neck, he is feeling the pressure to satisfy their demands. It’s the responsibility of pro-life advocates to keep the pressure on the administration.

And it’s a game of inches lost and gained. While New Mexico’s plan that permitted a liberal abortion policy was denied, the Senate – with approval from the Obama White House – is moving to require abortion on demand on military bases in the United States and abroad. While Obama signed an executive order, the vice-president encouraged Kenya to modernize their society and open the floodgates to western monetary aid by writing a ‘right’ to abortion into their constitution. Watch the Red King – Watch the Red King – where’s the Red King?

The substitution of an executive order for statute is an issue that many Americans may not understand. A statute cannot be disregarded by fiat – the only way to ‘unmake’ a law is to follow the legislative process and pass a bill that renders the old law void. Alternately, the Supreme Court has used the practice of ‘judicial review’ to determine that a law is unconstitutional. An executive order carries no weight beyond the willingness of a president to enforce it. The only action Barak Obama or a future president needs to take to invalidate the order against abortion on demand is to issue a new order telling the Executive Branch agencies to ignore the original order.

The Democratic party in the United States has become the ‘big tent’ party – they have sought to gain power by courting a diverse base. There have been short term gains – Obama had support from a vast cross-section of special interest groups. The problem the party  – and Obama in particular – faces now is the impossibility of satisfying all elements of their voter base.

What’s a president to do?

“Watch the Red King! Here we go – watch the Red King …. where’s the Red King?”

Abortion is not a street corner game. The stakes are too high to let the government play a game with this issue.

Stupak your bags, We won’t Miss Ya

The Citizen had to move Bart Stupak from the Wall of Fame to the Wall of Shame. Perhaps we need to add the Wall of Irrelevant to the galleries.

Stupak announced that he will be retiring to ‘spend time’ with his family. Remarkably convenient how many politicians who have been making poor choices are suddenly rediscovering their family ties. Or is it simply that they realize that a servant can serve only one master  – and the Speaker of the House and President don’t elect Congress, the constituents do.  Stupak, a self-proclaimed advocate for life, swung his support to the President’s health care plan in return for an executive order….and a slew of earmarks for the Stupak coalition of holdouts. According to the Sunlight Foundation, Stupak requested more than 170 earmarks. More then half of the ‘gang of 11’ increased their demands for public money for their districts. It will be interesting to see if they get their billions of dollars.

The Citizen has to admit that Stupak and his cronies did all right. After all, Judas only got 30 pieces of silver for betraying the Lamb of God. The ‘holdouts’ stand to gain much, much more for their betrayal.