A Primer on the ‘Primacy of Conscience’

A state senator in North Dakota is taking a page from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook and enthroning himself as a Doctor of the Church and learned theologian. He is obviously neither – and – if I were a constituent, I would contemplate his suitability for office. His understanding of the First Amendment is chilling for any person who would seek to speak his mind.  The letter he issued can be found here. Today, the Citizen will dust off his recollection of logic and try to explain the myriad flaws in Mr. Mathern’s epistle. Continue reading

the Vatican Speaks on Social Justice

Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson is coming to America to deliver the plenary address of the 2011 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, Feb. 13-16.This year’s theme is “Protecting Human Life and Dignity: Promoting a Just Economy.” He has also stated he hopes to settle a question that is surprising to many in the Vatican. It seems that the Holy Father’s statements on social justice has been grossly misunderstood in the United States. It seems that he – and many in the Curia – were alarmed at the usurpation of social justice as being synonymous with ‘collective salvation’, ‘liberation theology’, and other big-government social ‘justice’ issues.

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