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The Word from the Womb

Number of Views :2220Today’s Gospel is one I’ve always enjoyed hearing – it gives me a taste of the sheer joy that is Christmas for Christians. ¬†Today, it served a different purpose. ¬†For some time, the Citizen has been concerned about a schism not only among Catholics but Christians as a whole – and that…

The Wheat and the Weeds

Number of Views :3067The Citizen has been engaged in a forum discussion that has turned to the debate on ‘rightwing’ Catholics and ‘leftwing’ Catholics. There should be no such thing. There are only orthodox Catholics and heterodox Catholics. Any Catholic espousing positions or supporting politicians who embrace policies contrary to the Magisterium, the Catechism of…

Honoring the Sacrifice of the Innocents

Number of Views :2341In the time that it takes to read this essay, some 8 or 10 abortions have taken place somewhere in America. Despite a shift towards a pro-life position in this nation, some 3,700 abortions are performed every day in this country. This makes many pro-life advocates angry. In the case of some,…

Just War – A Catholic Theory

The United States is waging two active wars, a third global war against global terrorism, and we have assumed the lead in a massive air campaign in Libya. As Catholics, what are we to think of war? Isn’t violence always wrong? Shouldn’t we be ‘turning the other cheek’?
Not always – St. Thomas Aquinas gave us some tools to help us determine the right and wrong of force.

Everyone Deserves a Voice

Catholicism is openly acknowledged as ‘the last acceptable prejudice’. Archbishop Tomasi, the Vatican’s permanent observer to the United Nations, demands that Catholic values, Catholic perspectives, and Catholic arguments should not be stigmatized because some people don’t like them.